Sometimes You Need to Be Silly #iPPP

So I know I have been kind of quiet as of late. There is a lot going on behind the scenes here at the Faerie Household. Most of wish I, at least right now, aren't willing to share with the interwebz. Been feeling really down because of most of it, which lead to an interesting conversation with my shrink and a change in my medication. An awesomesauce friend of mine gave me money to go out to eat, and as silly as it sounds going out to Denny's was a major mood boost. It was nice to just go and be silly with Ariel.

I have a few goals for this year. 

One I want to make sure I'm writing more often, I feel like I haven't been and it's something that I need to do, I feel better when I do. Plus if I write more then I get more support from the community. Which is something I need cause it makes me feel as though I'm not alone.

Two I am determined to do more photography work this year. I have many projects I want to make for myself just for the art of it. I will be looking for local models to do those. I'm starting to work on a marketing plan for Valentines Day and Suicide Girls, meaning my certain friend needs to get over for shoots soon!

Three I want to make sure to set aside some time for me to be me. For me to not be mommy. Not have to worry about and stress over everything. But the main thing is for me to have some breathing time for myself.


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  1. Those are great goals. I love stuff like that so much more than the typical resolutions.

    1. I never keep resolutions so I figured goals would be better.

  2. These are great goals...I can't wait to see where you go with them! And the pictures, as always, are just too cute.


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