Reality? Me? Ummm

So I got an interesting email the other day, and I'm not quite sure if I want to sign up for it or not. I'm sure it would be a long shot, but I'm also very awkward in that kind of situation. But again it could be a big thing.

I know you're like ummm Amanda what the heck are you talking about? Let me clue you in.

Yes my friends this perpetually single mama has been asked to apply for a docu-soap for plus size single beauties. I've been debating since I opened the email. In all honesty I don't date much, yeah I belong to a couple of dating sites, I have fun and flirt a bit. Which made me want to pass it by, but then again it does say online dating divas are welcomed.

I'm still debating, like I said I'm very awkward in person, and on video I'm sure you can attest to that if you have seen my YouTube channel. But it could be something really big, cool, and fun. So what say you, any advice for me? Should I or shouldn't I?

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