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Everyone seems to posting about blogging lately, telling you to this, telling you to that. That you shouldn't do that. Why they blog, what they do behind the scenes. Tips on how to blog, how to write, how to get readers, likes, and fans. What will lose you those fans, what will make people hate you, what will make them love you. I've been going through and clean out my feeds, figuring out who I want to follow.

See for me I started blogging to make my voice heard.

I may post a few tips that I find helpful. I might earn a few bucks with sponsored posts and ads. Maybe even take too many selfies. Sometimes I rant, sometimes I don't make it a priority (those days I feel down).

I blog from the heart. Mostly.

To me blogging is therapeutic, it makes my voice heard, it gives me a community to turn to, it helps me. I like to think that I help a few people too. Do I think I make a big difference in the blogging world? Nope. I blog for me mostly.

Do I get pitch emails? Daily. Press releases? Yup got them too. Never really thought it was a big deal, till out on a date with someone that does a podcast blog. We got talking about blogging, I mentioned getting emails, getting items for review, paid gigs. He was like "wait, wow you're telling me that your blog is popular enough to get that stuff?" It made me think, made me reconsider how I did things.

Yup I said did. I changed the way I looked at those emails. Changed the way I responded to them. Why? Cause it made me realize that someone out there likes how I write, do things, design, how I am. Not just that but they feel I can help them. It means I also stopped accepting freebies, requiring compensation for my work. Compensation is not promoting my post about your product on your channels, you should be doing this anyway, compensation is a full sized product to use, paid posts, bartering services is also good compensation. In exchange for my graphic designs, one friend sent me a charm from her Etsy shop.

Why do you blog?

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  1. I think it is excellent that you barter for space on your blog. That is a cool charm you got from an ETSY artist. :) Keep up the good work!

    1. I don't see why not barter, as long as both people want something from the other. The charm I got is wicked awesome I carry it everywhere =)


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