Hey Guys!

You might have noticed something new here ... I bought my domain. GoDaddy has them on sale for 99 cents and if you use blogger you get free Google hosting. Woot woot! I also made a new about me gadget. There is also new pages in the works.

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  1. Hi Barista, none of the links lead to a lace where domains are on sale for 0.99. The cheapest was 2.99 py. I'd like to know where on godaddy that offer is to be found and how they can claim that lucypireel.com is available when I own that domain?

    1. Not sure how they can claim its available when you own it but for the 99 cents sale you have google godaddy coupons and it's the very first link, the paid one. It's the only way I have found to get the 99 cents price. But this is only good for the first year.


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