So Shocked I'm Sure {Day 19}

I'm sure this is going to shock you, my favorite movie. It's going to be so surprising.

The Little Mermaid. 

I know right you would never guess it right?  =)

 I'm a little obsessed with it actually. I blame the fact that she was the only redheaded Disney Princess when I was a kid. I was the only redhead in my family, or really that I knew, so I loved that she had red hair. It could also be that I love the ocean, and mermaids. I love to swim. The smell of the sea.

Or maybe it's that despite everything, all the obstacles in her way, she fought for love. She fought for what she wanted. I know the Disney version shows that she loved the human world and the Prince Eric (who didn't?) but in the original story, she loved that humans had an eternal soul, since mermaids don't. They lived 300 years then turned into sea foam. But Ariel, she wanted an eternal soul.


  1. I must confess that I've never seen that movie. Am I barred now from your blog, LOL?

  2. One of my all-time favourites, too. My sister and I must've watched it 1,000 times. I've always been convinced that I was a mermaid in a past life. <3

  3. So, I never knew she turned into a human at the end of the movie. I rarely watch the end of movies and last year I said something to Andrew about it and he was so confused that I didn't know she turned into a human!

    1. In the Disney movie she does become human, in the original story she becomes an air element and continues her quest to get an eternal soul.


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