Seems Appropriate: 30 Day Blogging Challenge

Found this over at White Trash Fairytale and figured it was appropriate considering I doing NaBloPoMo. So here it goes.

My blog name. Faerie Barista.

Originally the blog was Moon in a Cup which is my photography business and I blogged over at Living a Faerie Tale. When I bought my domain for Moon in a Cup I decided to merge the two blogs and make them one. Basically I found out I had some good standing and didn't want to toss it.

I had toyed around with Faerie Barista since it seemed right. Moon in a Cup is from a modern faerie tale series by Holly Black, the main character closed the last book saying she was thinking of opening a coffee house and calling it Moon in a Cup, and it just stuck with me. And it only seemed right to call myself the Faerie Barista.

Plus I'm totally part faerie and I might as well be a barista with the amount of coffee I consume. So there you have it. Faerie Barista.


  1. Well, I'm glad you cleared that up. I assumed you worked at a Starbucks, LOL!

    1. I'm not allowed to, I'm too much of a klutz to work around hot and sharp things. lol


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