Opps Blogging Day 6

What am I afraid of?

I'm afraid of spiders, giving birth (yes including c-sections, yes I know I've had 2). I'm claustrophobic, and afraid of heights. I'm terrified of chainsaws. I even ran into one at a haunted house trying to run from another. Yeah my friends set me up.

Hey Amanda you go first you never get scared. Oh wait hold on a minute I'm going ahead.

Cue chainsaw and Amanda running and screaming like a bitch. Right into another chainsaw.

I am a klutz! 

I'm terrified of surgery, again I know I had 2 already. Each time I literally thought to myself as long as the baby is ok it's alright if I die. Yeah. I'm scared of losing people. I realized I checked out of my normal self over the summer after I lost Grandma. I still get scared sometimes that she isn't here. I hate falling in love cause I'm then terrified of losing that person, though I am desperate to find someone that will prove love exist by not leaving.

I'm afraid of anything happening to my kids. 

Though I'm sure most parents are scared of the same thing.


  1. Yep. Spiders. Ack. I bet those are going to be on a lot of lists!

    1. Oh my gods and I've been seeing them everywhere around the house, including 2 big ass colorful ones.


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