Hidden {Day 26}

What's my hidden talent?

Belly dancing. Shocking right? But I do actually love to dance. And I was studying belly dancing on my own before I got pregnant with AJ and I've been trying to make a point of dancing again. Why? Cause it's fun for one, cause it makes me smile and cause it's amazing for you body. I love it. Not to mention its one of the few exercises I can do that don't make me hurt afterwards. I know I'm only 29 years old but I have a bad back and bad knees, so most things that require physical exertion leaves me in pain afterwards. There's about three that don't bother me are yoga, swimming, and belly dancing, or really any dancing. 


  1. I wish I was good at dancing, I'm so horrendous at it!

    1. Isn't that the old white girl adage? That we can't dance? I'm kind of horrible at line dancing which is what we are supposedly good at lol.


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