Fridge {Day 13}

What's in my fridge?

Butter. Milk. Juice.
Eggs. Blackberries. Cheese.
Hot dogs (Ariel is obsessed with them lately).
Jello. Half & half. Ketchup.
Mustard. Salad dressing.
Olives. Jelly. Jam. Walnuts.

Umm we need to go shopping.

The freezer has some pie crusts.
Pizza papa bought and never ate.
Pizza rolls. Chicken nuggets. Ice pops.
Some frozen veggies. Meatballs.

Yeah we need to go shopping.

Just on a note we have tons of stuff that I bake with that doesn't go in the fridge. I just made some blackberry muffins for the first time and they are pretty damn good. I'm going to make up some scones tomorrow I think.

And seriously once we buy fruits and veggies they are gone in days.


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    1. There are yummy my friend Johnny said he thought they were blueberry.


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