Education {Day 16}

My thoughts on education?

Oh well. I feel that education is very important but I feel there is more of a learn this by rote in education than a building intelligence and a love of learning. I also feel that most schools are a social setting instead of a learning center. Yes they teach you things, but they don't teach you on a personal level.

Once I had kids I really thought about homeschooling, and while AJ does go to school I still enrich his learning at home. I went to the same school he is in now, and one of the things I loved about it was they always challenged me. If I was done with my work they got me something else to do. They encouraged me to read, they sent me to other classes to help out, they also are responsible for my knowledge of how to use a computer by often sending me to the computer lab to help out. But they also set me up to expect that when I moved on to junior high and high school and sadly that didn't help.

Moving to the higher grades and schools, I became one of the crowd. I wasn't a bad kid, and I completed my work on time. I was smart and independent. So I was mostly left alone. But here's the thing, they give you dittos. Don't know what a ditto is? It's busy work, it's a worksheet, and man do some teachers love those things. As I got older I started skipping classes, and entire days of school. Why? Honestly I wasn't challenged, I was bored. I had one teacher that gave out a packet of dittos every quarter, I finished them in 2 days, and that's what we would do in class, why did I want to sit there and go over something I already finished? I started skipping her class and just showing up for tests and quizzes. I finished her class with a 96 average, and I skipped the majority of the class.

That is my problem with the education system though, not education itself. Which is why I work with the kids at home. My kids speak some Spanish, some Mandarin, some German. AJ can count to 30 and sometimes beyond. He also has incredibly logic skills. We work on ASL. I'm constantly complimented on their manners. They have a love of books and they asset dangers when playing.

Education is a very important thing, sometimes I feel the education system needs a tune up though.


  1. I agree with you across the board. Your kids are so lucky to have a mama that enriches their learning in this way. <3


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