Zombelina {Book Review}

So this is one of those times I love being a blogger. Ariel saw a book in Barnes & Noble and wanted it, of course I didn't have the money to buy it that day, but then I got an email offer to review it! How awesome is that?

Look how happy she was to get it! Zombelina is about a zombie girl that loves to dance so her mom enrolls her in a ballet class for real girls. She does great but gets stage fright at her first recital till her family shows up and cheers her on in their spooky way! 

I really love how Krysten Crow wrote this, I felt it shows how Zombelina in while trying to be her own person is cheered on by her family, no matter that they are different from the people around her.

As you can see my own little dancer is completely in love with the book as well.


Zombelina loves to dance. She moonwalks with mummies and boogies with bats. She spins like a specter and glides like a ghost and loves to dance for her family the most. When Zombelina enrolls in a ballet class for real girls, her dancing gives everyone the chills! But when her first recital brings on a case of stage fright, her zombie moans and ghoulish groans scare her audience away. Only her devoted family's cheers, in their special spooky way, help Zombelina dance the ballet debut of her dreams.
Introducing the most adorable zombie to ever grace the dance floor, Kristyn Crow's pitch-perfect rhyme and Molly Idle's charmingly spook-tacular illustrations will make every reader want to sway and sashay in their own zombie trance.

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review. 


  1. That's awesome that you got the book for review - sounds like a great book!


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