Want to be my BFF, You Should Probably Know This

Even though I constantly say I'm giving up on relationships, I still believe in love and wish for that one person to come show it to me.

I'm wacky and live for the days when I can be spontaneous.

I love my kids more than anything, and I'm so happy to stay home with them, though I sometimes wish I had a job out of the house so I had a break.

I think I look weird as a blonde, though others say I look stunning with it.

I have a slight OCD complex, seriously if you go to the bookstore with me you will see that I reshelf books.

I gave money, water, food, anything I have on hand to the homeless when I see them.

I have a constant problem of putting myself last, not second to my kids, I put myself dead last.

I have depression, I take Prozac, and go to therapy. This does not make me a bad mom, in fact it makes me a better mom.

I am going stir crazy not having a car to drive right now. (Mine is being stubborn about letting Dad fix it. By being stubborn I mean it's actively fighting back and breaking his tools.)

I'm Pagan. Yes I take my kids to church, I also teach them about my beliefs. They get to make their own choices, but I get happy when they like things to do with my belief system.

My kids each of different dads, this causes for a complex living arrangement, since I'm not with either of the dads.

I'm a little crazy, definitely weird, and normal people freak me out, mostly cause there is no such thing as normal as far as I can see.

I could probably come up with tons of other things to tell you, but then where is the fun in getting to know me. Weird, crazy me.


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