Rebel #dailymermaid

via deviantART

I found this well searching for hipster mermaid on deviantART and I found this and feel in love. Ariel has always been a rebellious teen to me. Maybe that's why I still loved her as I grew up. Though with Ariel she was a rebel with a cause, she wanted an eternal soul.

This image, just looks good to me. The hair looking more realistic, no red red lips, cute eye makeup, earrings, and tattoos. Perfect mix of innocence and rebel. This is a talented artist, definitely follow the photo's link to see her work.

I've thrown together a little image if anyone wants to play along with my daily (or not so daily) mermaid free writing. I like to pick an image that speaks to me and write something along with it. Grab the code and let me know if you join so I can go see! Thinking if people want to play along I will do a weekly round up.

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