Part of Your World #iPPP

So my red came, I saw that it was coming and decided to prepare myself by bleaching my hair. Apparently I look good as a blonde?

The red did not come out right. It was like Poison Ivy red, I could have tried to keep it but it was just not me. I couldn't do it. Though one of my friends thought I looked good with it. He's nuts.

My little late night never sleep hams. I wouldn't mind if you know they slept in a little bit in the morning but nope they wake up with the sun.

Was able to go get a different red, and now it looks like the first one I used was a bad batch, and my hair is Ariel (The Little Mermaid not my daughter) red which is much better. Thinking that I need to get some green pants and go as a mermaid for Halloween now.



  1. You are stunning! I wouldn't have the gonads to go anything but my boring brown. And the blonde? Whoa...that is awesome too.
    How long does that dye stay in? I know that regular dye tends to fade pretty quick

    1. I never have before. I would only do highlights in my hair. Why do people like the blonde? I think I look weird with it. They say 4-6 weeks if you take good care of it.

  2. I love the Halloween idea... that's totally you!


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