Monday Listicles: High School Soundtrack

Oh man, high school songs. I must be in a mood to remember the good old days, I wrote a letter to my high school self and now high school songs, but that's cause I'm doing Monday Listicles.

  1. Under the Sun - Sugar Ray
  2. Answer the Phone - Sugar Ray
  3. Fat Lip - Sum 41 
  4. Cleanin' Out My Closet - Eminem
  5. Sk8er Boi - Arvil Lavinge
  6. Hella Good - No Doubt
  7. New York, New York (our prom song)
  8. Objection (Tango) - Shakira
  9. Girlfriend - N'Sync (forgive me but I was taught the dance in the Arts Academy)
  10. Blurry - Puddle of Mudd


  1. Was your New York, New York Ryan Adams? That's such a great song!

  2. Except the first two, I listened to and loved to all of these songs!! Brings back such memories...all good because those were the days we had no worries or responsibilities! :D
    Love this list. Especially Blurry!

  3. Ooo - love your blog header.

    I remember 'Blurry' - I like that song. Going to go play that on You Tube now.

    Happy belated Monday Listicles.

  4. I only know one Puddle of Mudd song so thanks for sharing another.

    1. Let me guess you knew Hate Me? lol Puddle of Mudd has some good songs =)


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