I Get it From My Momma #iPPP

Like this photo? Go check out my others at Moon in a Cup this was part of my Colors of Fall.

My little boy is home this week, I love it! I don't want him to ever leave. He likes to do puzzles and mazes on the nook before bed, how freaking cute is that?

I made a wish, or a choice, or a jump. I have started the applications to go to college next year. I will be getting my degree in graphic design. Yikes! Though I'm excited and proud of myself for finally going to college, if you have known me long enough you know I have always wanted to go to college and got upset after I couldn't go to the college I wanted to go to, and just kind of gave up. Then I had the kids and needed to focus on work and money and doing what I could to take care of them. One of my friends has finally pushed me to do it, saying I'm too smart and talented to not do it. So 'gulp' here I go.

We have kittens! Well actually we don't know if maybe the momma moved them cause we haven't seen them today. The photos sucks but you can see some fluffiness!

The tongue sticking out. I get it from my momma. 



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