Halloween Costumes: I Am a Culture Not a Costume

I think we have all seen something about it. Mostly about how Native American costumes, do not in fact represent Native Americans, present or past. There is also ones about different cultures, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Swedish, Gypsies, etc. I get it I really do. I mean I'm German, Irish and Cherokee. Would I want to see someone dressed up in a costume that was made up of stereotypes about any of my ancestral cultures? Umm no. Let's see most people relate Germans to Nazis, I'll pass there, Irish are drunks that wear green, again pass, and Cherokee? There is no Cherokee Costume, it's just Native American Costumes.

google image search: native american costume
I'm sorry what tribe is this from? None. It's a made up image of what Native Americans look like.

Have I been guilty of dressing up as one of the costumes I mentioned? Yes I was a Gypsy when I was a kid. I was cute, and innocence. Knowing what I know now, the skirt should have been longer, the colors wouldn't have been so bright, but it's not like ones you buy now. Do you see the difference?

But what bothers me is that people are upset about other cultures, such as these, which they have every right to be. I'm upset about them. But they are missing a culture that has been mistreated and misrepresented for centuries.

Witches: I am a Culture, not a Costume. 

I don't know many Pagans or Witches that go around dressed like that. And it doesn't even come close to the other things, Halloween is the one time people will make Witches, sexy, normally they are ugly hags that worship the Christian devil and hurt people.

Here's Hermione saying it:

What bothers me is this a joke poster. It is off of a real project, but someone made it up as a joke. It's not a real witch holding it. It's a Harry Potter gag. But it touches an important issue to me. Witches are a Culture, not a Costume and it is not ok. 

Here is some of the real posters


  1. What an awesome campaign they are doing! And I Agree!

    1. Isn't it? It's been around for a few years. But they don't have Witches!


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