Colors of Fall {Wordless Wednesday}

colors of fallIt's fall it's fall it's fall! The colors are a changing!

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The kids love that we get to play in the leaves, though they have to fight papa for them. He likes to chop them up with the mower.

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Ariel is such a flower child, can you tell?

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colors of fallAJ decided to pull a Rip Van Winkle and take a nap in the leaves. Ariel decided to help him by covering him in leaves.

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These kids look they are going to cause some problems. They are good kids though, they just like to scheme.

colors of fall

Grandma's rooster! It might be getting some color to it this year too.

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  1. I love pictures of the kids playing in the leaves!

  2. Thanks mommy! They had a ball too.


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