Zombelina {Book Review}

So this is one of those times I love being a blogger. Ariel saw a book in Barnes & Noble and wanted it, of course I didn't have the money to buy it that day, but then I got an email offer to review it! How awesome is that?

Look how happy she was to get it! Zombelina is about a zombie girl that loves to dance so her mom enrolls her in a ballet class for real girls. She does great but gets stage fright at her first recital till her family shows up and cheers her on in their spooky way! 

I really love how Krysten Crow wrote this, I felt it shows how Zombelina in while trying to be her own person is cheered on by her family, no matter that they are different from the people around her.

As you can see my own little dancer is completely in love with the book as well.


Zombelina loves to dance. She moonwalks with mummies and boogies with bats. She spins like a specter and glides like a ghost and loves to dance for her family the most. When Zombelina enrolls in a ballet class for real girls, her dancing gives everyone the chills! But when her first recital brings on a case of stage fright, her zombie moans and ghoulish groans scare her audience away. Only her devoted family's cheers, in their special spooky way, help Zombelina dance the ballet debut of her dreams.
Introducing the most adorable zombie to ever grace the dance floor, Kristyn Crow's pitch-perfect rhyme and Molly Idle's charmingly spook-tacular illustrations will make every reader want to sway and sashay in their own zombie trance.

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review. 

#MermaidMonday Halloween Edition

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This week is Halloween week! So I decided to dig up the evil mermaid on deviantART isn't she amazing? What's your favorite non conventional mermaid?

Nixie Goes Home

Dark Faerie Tale Weaver

You know how I say I'm a wannabe writer? Well I write short story erotica fiction over on another blog, From Faerie. What kind of erotica? Well let's call it Dark Fantasy, I write about faeries doing naughty things.

Nixie if you please. 

I have a new character that isn't quite like the rest, she blogs. Nixie is my Faerie Blogger.

Stop by and read Nixie's latest blog post

Monster Kids hehehe

I Get it From My Momma #iPPP

Like this photo? Go check out my others at Moon in a Cup this was part of my Colors of Fall.

My little boy is home this week, I love it! I don't want him to ever leave. He likes to do puzzles and mazes on the nook before bed, how freaking cute is that?

I made a wish, or a choice, or a jump. I have started the applications to go to college next year. I will be getting my degree in graphic design. Yikes! Though I'm excited and proud of myself for finally going to college, if you have known me long enough you know I have always wanted to go to college and got upset after I couldn't go to the college I wanted to go to, and just kind of gave up. Then I had the kids and needed to focus on work and money and doing what I could to take care of them. One of my friends has finally pushed me to do it, saying I'm too smart and talented to not do it. So 'gulp' here I go.

We have kittens! Well actually we don't know if maybe the momma moved them cause we haven't seen them today. The photos sucks but you can see some fluffiness!

The tongue sticking out. I get it from my momma. 


Restore Hope {Sevenly}

This Week's Charity

Save the Children

Save the Children is the leading independent organization for children in need, with programs in 120 countries, including the United States. They aim to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children, and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives by improving their health, education and economic opportunities. In times of acute crisis, they mobilize rapid assistance to help children recover from the effects of war, conflict and natural disasters.

Stop by Sevenly to read more and make a purchase! 

Mermaid Mondays: Hiya!

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So I decided to change Daily Mermaids to Mermaid Mondays. So I'm going to start posting a Daily Mermaid type post once a week instead of my (not so) daily mermaids. You can join in if you want.

What you do: find a mermaid image you like, make an image of a mermaid, use something that remind you of mermaids, write a short story. Anything you want really! Just some mermaid fun.

Conversations with Grandma {Nurture Photography}

I couldn't think of something to do for Orange. I mean I could have done leaves again, but I wanted to do something different. Then Ariel and I went to see Grandma's grave and say hi, and I saw something that sparked my creativity. Enjoy.

orange nurture photography

For those that didn't know my Grandma, she was a coffee fan, just like I am. She would always have a big pot brewing and loved to stop at Dunkin Donuts.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1537,1542,1541,1538,1539,1540,1535"]

orange nurture photography

Ariel picked a flower from the pot we have on her gravestone, and put it on the grass over grandma and buried it with dirt. I asked her what she was doing, she told me bury flower for granma. My kids definitely know how to pull my heart strings.

 Nurture Photography Challenge - Autumn 2013 Edition

Prevent Teenage Suicide {Sevenly}

This Week's Charity

To Write Love on Her Arms

To Write Love on Her Arms is dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.

Halloween Costumes: I Am a Culture Not a Costume

I think we have all seen something about it. Mostly about how Native American costumes, do not in fact represent Native Americans, present or past. There is also ones about different cultures, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Swedish, Gypsies, etc. I get it I really do. I mean I'm German, Irish and Cherokee. Would I want to see someone dressed up in a costume that was made up of stereotypes about any of my ancestral cultures? Umm no. Let's see most people relate Germans to Nazis, I'll pass there, Irish are drunks that wear green, again pass, and Cherokee? There is no Cherokee Costume, it's just Native American Costumes.

google image search: native american costume
I'm sorry what tribe is this from? None. It's a made up image of what Native Americans look like.

Have I been guilty of dressing up as one of the costumes I mentioned? Yes I was a Gypsy when I was a kid. I was cute, and innocence. Knowing what I know now, the skirt should have been longer, the colors wouldn't have been so bright, but it's not like ones you buy now. Do you see the difference?

But what bothers me is that people are upset about other cultures, such as these, which they have every right to be. I'm upset about them. But they are missing a culture that has been mistreated and misrepresented for centuries.

Witches: I am a Culture, not a Costume. 

I don't know many Pagans or Witches that go around dressed like that. And it doesn't even come close to the other things, Halloween is the one time people will make Witches, sexy, normally they are ugly hags that worship the Christian devil and hurt people.

Here's Hermione saying it:

What bothers me is this a joke poster. It is off of a real project, but someone made it up as a joke. It's not a real witch holding it. It's a Harry Potter gag. But it touches an important issue to me. Witches are a Culture, not a Costume and it is not ok. 

Here is some of the real posters

Colors of Fall {Wordless Wednesday}

colors of fallIt's fall it's fall it's fall! The colors are a changing!

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1527,1526,1525,1524,1520"]

The kids love that we get to play in the leaves, though they have to fight papa for them. He likes to chop them up with the mower.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1523,1522,1521"]

Ariel is such a flower child, can you tell?

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1493,1496,1500,1499,1498,1497,1508,1510,1511,1512,1516,1519"]

colors of fallAJ decided to pull a Rip Van Winkle and take a nap in the leaves. Ariel decided to help him by covering him in leaves.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1514,1513,1507,1505,1506,1503"]

These kids look they are going to cause some problems. They are good kids though, they just like to scheme.

colors of fall

Grandma's rooster! It might be getting some color to it this year too.

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So Good, So Dark {All Hallow's Grim 2013}

“Darkness doesn't always equate to evil, just as light doesn't always bring good!”

Kristin Cast-P.C. Cast
 I love this year's All Hallow's Grim theme, not that I don't love every year's theme. But this year it goes with one of my favorite quotes from the House of Night series, the reason I kept reading with the first book, Marked. I even recommended it to a friend who said no, but then years later started reading it and recommended it to me. To give you an idea of the book it's about vampires, but they are witches too, they are Goddess Chosen by Nyx. You can actually read my reviews on some of the series here.

The reason that this stuck with me is cause as a Pagan, a lot of my beliefs are in the dark to other religions. From that fact, we are seen in a dark light, in the darkness we meet, in the darkness we worshiped, therefore we must be evil, cause darkness is not good. There is various ways to say this, another saying is "you can't love the light without knowing the dark." But too much light can be bad for you, just as too much dark can. It's a balancing act. But it doesn't mean one is better than the other.

The Sun loved the Moon so much that he died every night for her to live.

All Hallow's Grim... So Good, So Dark

Want to be my BFF, You Should Probably Know This

Even though I constantly say I'm giving up on relationships, I still believe in love and wish for that one person to come show it to me.

I'm wacky and live for the days when I can be spontaneous.

I love my kids more than anything, and I'm so happy to stay home with them, though I sometimes wish I had a job out of the house so I had a break.

I think I look weird as a blonde, though others say I look stunning with it.

I have a slight OCD complex, seriously if you go to the bookstore with me you will see that I reshelf books.

I gave money, water, food, anything I have on hand to the homeless when I see them.

I have a constant problem of putting myself last, not second to my kids, I put myself dead last.

I have depression, I take Prozac, and go to therapy. This does not make me a bad mom, in fact it makes me a better mom.

I am going stir crazy not having a car to drive right now. (Mine is being stubborn about letting Dad fix it. By being stubborn I mean it's actively fighting back and breaking his tools.)

I'm Pagan. Yes I take my kids to church, I also teach them about my beliefs. They get to make their own choices, but I get happy when they like things to do with my belief system.

My kids each of different dads, this causes for a complex living arrangement, since I'm not with either of the dads.

I'm a little crazy, definitely weird, and normal people freak me out, mostly cause there is no such thing as normal as far as I can see.

I could probably come up with tons of other things to tell you, but then where is the fun in getting to know me. Weird, crazy me.

Old School Blogging: Share the Love!

Old School Blogging time again! This time we are suppose to pick out 5 of our favorite bloggers. This is going to be a little hard for me. You know cause I follow so many blogs, and now I have to narrow it down. Hmmmm...

First up is Pagan Culture written by Magaly! She is an amazing writer, you should definitely stop by and check her out. Plus she hosts some great blog parties.

Alison at Wishing, Writing is another favorite of mine. She writes some heartfelt posts. She also runs a kick ass social media consultant business.

Something Something Button

Next up is Kimberly at All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something. She is just pure awesomesauce and sometimes lives in my brain, or is my brain twin, haven't decided yet. 

Then there's Alison at Being Alison, she is a sweetheart, does some awesome reviews, and is my local blogging buddy!

And can't forget the amazing Vanita at The Strategic Mama! She is amazing at helping you understand SEO, and if you use Word Press to blog you definitely want to stop by and sign up for her course!