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What exactly is a blog?

Blogs are used for different things by different people. A blog is just a shorten version of weblogs. Some people use them to make money, some use them to engage customers they already have through an established business, some use them as a journal and a way to connect and find others going through things.

The point of Mobile Content?

Let's say we're looking at a company that started a blog to connect with customers, they are most likely going to offer mobile content. What is mobile content? It can be content that you can view on a smart phone, tablet or any other form of mobile web, or it can be something that is used on a mobile device. Graphics, ringtones, apps, these are examples of mobile content. It's all about connecting with today's on the go world.

Professional Bloggers?

What the heck is a professional blogger, you might be asking. It's a growing profession to be honest. I am a professional, sort of, blogger. I consider a professional blogger to be someone that makes money from blogger and considers it part of their job and treat it as such.

7 Signs your might be a professional blogger
  1. You treat your work with respect and care. 
  2. You see every comment, tweet, or like as a digital footprint.
  3. You have received press releases, free products to review, or event invites. 
  4. You receive compensation for blogging. 
  5. You've said no to reviews or releases cause you don't think its a fit for your blog. 
  6. You spend as much time interacting with your community as with writing content. 
  7. You hold yourself accountable. 
The downside to so many blogs (well over 177.3 million), and some many of them being professional blogs, is it is a hard business to make money in. Which is why you now see the make money blogging scams out, you also see lots of legitimate businesses of blog marketing, how to build a better blog, etc. It's the new frontier for work, and you need to find your way to crave out a niche. 

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