How to do Starbucks on a Budget

I get people that ask all the time how can I afford Starbucks. First off it's better to get some Starbucks espresso in me than to deal with my migraines. Chase some meds with espresso and yum migraine be gone!

Living Faerie's Starbucks Tips

The first thing you want to do is get a Starbucks gift card, or the app for your smartphone, then make you sure register for an account. Why? Cause of the rewards man, the rewards!
  • Free drink (or food) after earning 12 stars for purchases
  • Free drink on your birthday!
  • Member coupons
  • Free refills in store (normally 50 cents)

My other tip is to sign up for ShopKick and Swagbucks. They aren't directly related to Starbucks but you can earn points and put them towards a Starbucks gift card (don't forget to link it to your account). You can also link your credit card on ShopKick and earn kicks (aka points) for shopping. I cash out when I have enough for $5 gift cards. I like ShopKick cause with linking my credit card I get kicks just for doing my regular shopping. You can also use the app in the store, you get kicks for just walking into certain stores, but you can also scan certain items in the app for more kicks.

Now when in Starbucks there's a way to go on the cheap for things. I've come across three blog posts that have some tips.
  1. Starbucks Tricks and Tips You Never Knew Existed 
  2. Don't Tell Anyone: 11 Secret Starbucks Saving Tips 
  3. Bang For Your Buck: 7 Creative $3 Starbucks Concoctions 

My Favorites for Starbucks on the Cheap

  • Fill up your water bottle with Starbucks free triple filtered water! 
  • For you tall drinkers, there's another size! It's the short. Less money, the same amount of espresso.
  • You can get a free puppy drink for your dog! Ask for a puppy latte or a puppycino. 
  • Brew it at home with Starbuck grounds or beans. (You can also bring in empty bags to earn a free brewed drink!)
  • Getting iced tea? Ask for no water, you get it double strength that way. 
  • Getting a brewed cup? Ask for a bulk order via French press, to share or hoard for yourself. 
  • Bring your own cup to get 10 cents off!
  • Get an Americano its espresso with water, add some syrup get it iced only $3 and change! (this is also a great migraine killer)
  • Try an iced coffee with some milk and syrup, about $2 

There you go, some Starbucks tips and tricks from your favorite Faerie Barista, now go grab a cup =)

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