Siren Song

I finally finished editing all the photos from the date day at the Ren Faire! Whew that took forever man. I need to keep myself on a routine.

I got to see the entire Gimme Shimmy show, only to learn that each show is different. Though I was glad to find out that the show I caught had the Siren Song. What is the Siren Song? The members of Gimme Shimmy told their Captain Raith that while their were sailing they had a talk with the sirens, aka the mermaids. He was very cross to find this out, he was told that the mermaids taught them a song and dance. I was so happy to see this!

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Captain Raith was otherwise displeased to hear it. As you can tell. Why? Cause no pirate has lived to hear the entire ...

Siren's Song

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As the song starts, you can see the Captain fight against his ropes, yes his gypsies tied him up.

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siren song - mermaid hunting

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After the song was over, the girls explained to the Captain that there was another reason they did this, besides the fun of just torturing him.

He is now the only pirate to hear the entire Siren's Song.

He now has another thing to boast that he has that no other pirate has, besides his fancy GPS, in case you hadn't heard this is a Gypsy Procuring Ship. Now he can say he has heard the entire Siren's Song and lived to tell the tale. Though he didn't look to steady afterwards.

Happy Mermaid Hunting

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