My other princess #iPPP

Tuesday we took a trip down to see Ariel's abuela, cousins, and her big sister. Otherwise known as my other princess. Even though I'm not with her father anymore, or ever again, she is still my princess. I treated her as my own for 3 years, that isn't going to stop. And my god she has gotten big! 

The three youngest. Ariel, Ameriah, and Karlee.

Karlee was so proud to show me her missing tooth, don't worry she put it under her pillow for the Tooth Fairy. Can you believe this girl is going into second grade already!

All the girls, the oldest is Chelsea.

Caleb wanted some pictures too. But of course he doesn't look at the camera when I take one. Little ham.

Chelsea educated the girls on the 9/11 memorials by the park. Ariel seemed a little more interested in dancing, but Karlee and Ameriah pained attention.


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