Inner Goddesses #iPPP

So I was doing the Strike a Goddess Pose with Lyn it was really fun, I only did 3 of the Goddesses but I really wish it had been for longer. I loved exploring each Goddess and embracing them as part of me. The top one is my Cheshire grin smile for Uzume.  

Kali-Ma is one of my favorite Goddesses, cause she is fierce but nurturing. She is the ultimate momma bear. I was excited to show my warrior face for her.

The last Goddess of the challenge was Aphrodite. But we were to show our bare beauty, this is my sweet Aphrodite face of the Goddess of Love. 

I think this is the first time I'm not showing my kids in the #iPPP but I thought the Strike a Goddess Pose Challenge was definitely iPhone Photo Phun  =)

Who is your inner Goddess?


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