Inner Goddesses #iPPP

So I was doing the Strike a Goddess Pose with Lyn it was really fun, I only did 3 of the Goddesses but I really wish it had been for longer. I loved exploring each Goddess and embracing them as part of me. The top one is my Cheshire grin smile for Uzume.  

Kali-Ma is one of my favorite Goddesses, cause she is fierce but nurturing. She is the ultimate momma bear. I was excited to show my warrior face for her.

The last Goddess of the challenge was Aphrodite. But we were to show our bare beauty, this is my sweet Aphrodite face of the Goddess of Love. 

I think this is the first time I'm not showing my kids in the #iPPP but I thought the Strike a Goddess Pose Challenge was definitely iPhone Photo Phun  =)

Who is your inner Goddess?


There Be Dragons Here


I saw this sign and loved it, of course I accidentally chopped off the bottom, it says "Unattended Children will be treated as my own." It was right in front of Dragonfolk Studios.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1344,1343,1342,1341" orderby="rand"]

She makes some amazing things, see the photographer dragon? And the mermaids! I so want one of her sculptures. She was a great woman and we talked a bit. She even told me how she does ones from a photo, so I could have a mermaid made with my face if I wanted to! How cool would that be? Definitely stop by her site.

Web + Log = Blog

What exactly is a blog?

Blogs are used for different things by different people. A blog is just a shorten version of weblogs. Some people use them to make money, some use them to engage customers they already have through an established business, some use them as a journal and a way to connect and find others going through things.

The point of Mobile Content?

Let's say we're looking at a company that started a blog to connect with customers, they are most likely going to offer mobile content. What is mobile content? It can be content that you can view on a smart phone, tablet or any other form of mobile web, or it can be something that is used on a mobile device. Graphics, ringtones, apps, these are examples of mobile content. It's all about connecting with today's on the go world.

Professional Bloggers?

What the heck is a professional blogger, you might be asking. It's a growing profession to be honest. I am a professional, sort of, blogger. I consider a professional blogger to be someone that makes money from blogger and considers it part of their job and treat it as such.

7 Signs your might be a professional blogger
  1. You treat your work with respect and care. 
  2. You see every comment, tweet, or like as a digital footprint.
  3. You have received press releases, free products to review, or event invites. 
  4. You receive compensation for blogging. 
  5. You've said no to reviews or releases cause you don't think its a fit for your blog. 
  6. You spend as much time interacting with your community as with writing content. 
  7. You hold yourself accountable. 
The downside to so many blogs (well over 177.3 million), and some many of them being professional blogs, is it is a hard business to make money in. Which is why you now see the make money blogging scams out, you also see lots of legitimate businesses of blog marketing, how to build a better blog, etc. It's the new frontier for work, and you need to find your way to crave out a niche. 

Learn More

Childhood Dreams {Daily Mermaid}

via deviantART
Oh my mermaid goddess!

Check this out!

Just found a great new website for online deals.

Siren Song

I finally finished editing all the photos from the date day at the Ren Faire! Whew that took forever man. I need to keep myself on a routine.

I got to see the entire Gimme Shimmy show, only to learn that each show is different. Though I was glad to find out that the show I caught had the Siren Song. What is the Siren Song? The members of Gimme Shimmy told their Captain Raith that while their were sailing they had a talk with the sirens, aka the mermaids. He was very cross to find this out, he was told that the mermaids taught them a song and dance. I was so happy to see this!

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1335,1334,1333,1332,1330,1331" orderby="rand"]

Captain Raith was otherwise displeased to hear it. As you can tell. Why? Cause no pirate has lived to hear the entire ...

Siren's Song

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1329,1328,1324,1325,1326,1327" orderby="rand"]

As the song starts, you can see the Captain fight against his ropes, yes his gypsies tied him up.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1309,1308,1323,1322,1321" orderby="rand"]

siren song - mermaid hunting

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1316,1317,1318,1319,1315,1314,1313,1312,1310,1311,1304,1305,1306,1307" orderby="rand"]

After the song was over, the girls explained to the Captain that there was another reason they did this, besides the fun of just torturing him.

He is now the only pirate to hear the entire Siren's Song.

He now has another thing to boast that he has that no other pirate has, besides his fancy GPS, in case you hadn't heard this is a Gypsy Procuring Ship. Now he can say he has heard the entire Siren's Song and lived to tell the tale. Though he didn't look to steady afterwards.

Happy Mermaid Hunting

Starry Night Tail {Daily Mermaid}

via deviantART


I want this. 

I need it for reasons. 

I do have an actual reason for wanting it beside you know that it's an utterly amazing mermaid tail. I will be making an announcement soon for the reason. If we are friends on Facebook you might have seen the idea I posted about.

Stay tuned for details.

Pinterest Style {Daily Mermaid}

I'm not finding an image on deviantART to inspire my Daily Mermaid today. So instead I'm going to share some of my Mermaid Love pinboard with you =)

Jewels, Zombies and Silly Kids #iPPP

 So I read over on How to be a Redhead that natural redheads look great in jewel tones. I have now decided that is why I look great with turquoise hair, any my old purple, cause they are jewel tones.

Beware the Zombies

I had the pleasure of shooting at the Zombie BBQ, I've been going through and editing some photos. (I'm way behind on editing photos. Seriously there's still Ren Faire photos that need to be edited.)

Anyways, here is some zombie fun!

zombie walk - zombie bbq

I just have to share this little guy first. He was so freaking cute, in a zombie way of course, but totally into it.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1269,1268,1267,1263,1264,1265" orderby="rand"]

We even had some zombie hunters sharing a laugh before the walk.

zombie walk - zombie bbq

Photog Show and Tell

Are you a Visual Learner?

Everyone learns in different ways, just like we think and act in different ways. There are 3 common learning styles.
  1. Visual
  2. Auditory
  3. Kinesthetic

How do you learn?

Zombie BBQ

So I had a photo gig this past Saturday. At the Zombie BBQ. It was fun and so cool. Great music, zombie walk, makeup, and awesome food. The WHEREHOUSE is really good.

Happy Hour {Daily Mermaid}

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Life as a mermaid. It must be hard. It must be freeing. 

School Days

Can you believe my little boy just finished his first week of pre-k? I can't. I swear he was just a baby.

first day of school

It was super bright so excuse my son's squinter eyes. There was no getting him in the shade, he was way too excited for school.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1256,1257,1258,1254,1253" orderby="rand"]

I am happy to report that he is equally excited for school this week. He wanted to make sure his dad was going to bring him to school. We had to assure him.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1252,1251"]

He's a happy boy and I'm glad for that. He even has a number one friend, and today told me he has a girl friend.

Faerie Woods

faerie woods

Into the Faerie Woods we go. To see the Faeries play.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1248,1246,1245,1243,1244" orderby="rand"]

How beautiful these creatures of fae are.

faerie woods

Changes #iPPP

My little boy started his first day of his first year of school this past Monday! I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Also he gets lunch even though it's a half day class, didn't know, so he got 2 lunches the first 2 days. Oh well.

Zombie BBQ

Guess what I will be doing on Saturday? Photography the Zombie BBQ at The WHEREHOUSE here in Newburgh, NY! I'm super excited about it. Cause one it's a ton of awesome local bands, zombies, and a paying gig that isn't family photos. (Not that I don't LOVE taking family photos, just nice to change it up a bit.)

Zombie BBQ

If you're local you should definitely come by and see what's up! There is also a zombie walk, great food, like I said amazing bands, and you can get zombie-fied with makeup tents.

Zombie BBQ at the WHEREHOUSE

Cards Cards Cards {review}

In this fast pace world who has time to sit and wait for a bank account. I know quite a few people who don't have bank accounts, not to mention most places of business will give you a prepaid card to have your check loaded onto. This is the world we are in now.

Part of Your World {Daily Mermaid}

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Belly Dance Bokeh

belly dance bokeh

I love using the light and shiny bits of the belly dancers of Gimme Shimmy's costumes. It makes for some awesome and amazingly beautiful bokehs.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1232,1231,1230,1233" orderby="rand"]

Keeping Time {Daily Mermaid}

via deviantART
Do mermaids keep time? Some stories say they are immortal, some say they have a finite lifespan of 300 years. Some assume they have a normal human lifespan.

If they are immortal, do they bother to keep time? I mean if they are immortal and live under the sea what point is there in keeping time. Do they note the passage of time? Do they care what the human do?

How to do Starbucks on a Budget

I get people that ask all the time how can I afford Starbucks. First off it's better to get some Starbucks espresso in me than to deal with my migraines. Chase some meds with espresso and yum migraine be gone!

Living Faerie's Starbucks Tips

The first thing you want to do is get a Starbucks gift card, or the app for your smartphone, then make you sure register for an account. Why? Cause of the rewards man, the rewards!
  • Free drink (or food) after earning 12 stars for purchases
  • Free drink on your birthday!
  • Member coupons
  • Free refills in store (normally 50 cents)

My other tip is to sign up for ShopKick and Swagbucks. They aren't directly related to Starbucks but you can earn points and put them towards a Starbucks gift card (don't forget to link it to your account). You can also link your credit card on ShopKick and earn kicks (aka points) for shopping. I cash out when I have enough for $5 gift cards. I like ShopKick cause with linking my credit card I get kicks just for doing my regular shopping. You can also use the app in the store, you get kicks for just walking into certain stores, but you can also scan certain items in the app for more kicks.

Now when in Starbucks there's a way to go on the cheap for things. I've come across three blog posts that have some tips.
  1. Starbucks Tricks and Tips You Never Knew Existed 
  2. Don't Tell Anyone: 11 Secret Starbucks Saving Tips 
  3. Bang For Your Buck: 7 Creative $3 Starbucks Concoctions 

My Favorites for Starbucks on the Cheap

  • Fill up your water bottle with Starbucks free triple filtered water! 
  • For you tall drinkers, there's another size! It's the short. Less money, the same amount of espresso.
  • You can get a free puppy drink for your dog! Ask for a puppy latte or a puppycino. 
  • Brew it at home with Starbuck grounds or beans. (You can also bring in empty bags to earn a free brewed drink!)
  • Getting iced tea? Ask for no water, you get it double strength that way. 
  • Getting a brewed cup? Ask for a bulk order via French press, to share or hoard for yourself. 
  • Bring your own cup to get 10 cents off!
  • Get an Americano its espresso with water, add some syrup get it iced only $3 and change! (this is also a great migraine killer)
  • Try an iced coffee with some milk and syrup, about $2 

There you go, some Starbucks tips and tricks from your favorite Faerie Barista, now go grab a cup =)

Feed the Hungry {Sevenly}

About The Cause

Feed The Hungry

At three years old Shaimie weighed only 11 pounds. Having 8 children, her parents struggled to provide nutritious meals for everyone. Because of the lack of food, Shaimie was constantly sick and unable to walk, stand or even sit up. When she turned three, she still wasn’t able to speak, due to slow brain development caused by malnutrition. The life-threatening starvation that Shaimie experienced is just one example of the hunger crisis in the Philippines. Something needs to be done to save lives like Shaimie's.
The Solution
Thanks to the meals provided by Feed My Starving Children, Shaimie is still alive today and healthy again. This week, we want to help completely eliminate malnutrition from the island of Marinduque in the Philippines! With your support, we will rally together to feed and nourish as many starving children as possible!

This Week's Charity

Feed My Starving Children

Feed My Starving Children strives to eliminate starvation in children throughout the world by helping to instill compassion in people to hear and respond to the cries of those in need.


All the Pretty Things

all the pretty things

There is so many beautiful, pretty, wonderful sights at the NY Ren Faire. It's a photographer's dream. Flowers, buildings, clothing, and accessories! Oh the pretty things.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1217,1213,1218,1219,1214" orderby="rand"]

Even the signs are gorgeous. The marvelous to be seen at the Faire are numerous. I could spend a day just wondering around taking photos, as a matter of fact I've spent 3 days doing just that.

all the pretty things

Not to mention the people. Actors and just the Faire goers. They dress to the nines. They talk the language. They really sell the fantasy of the NY Ren Faire.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1220,1221,1222,1223,1224" orderby="rand"]

My other princess #iPPP

Tuesday we took a trip down to see Ariel's abuela, cousins, and her big sister. Otherwise known as my other princess. Even though I'm not with her father anymore, or ever again, she is still my princess. I treated her as my own for 3 years, that isn't going to stop. And my god she has gotten big! 

The three youngest. Ariel, Ameriah, and Karlee.

Karlee was so proud to show me her missing tooth, don't worry she put it under her pillow for the Tooth Fairy. Can you believe this girl is going into second grade already!

All the girls, the oldest is Chelsea.

Caleb wanted some pictures too. But of course he doesn't look at the camera when I take one. Little ham.

Chelsea educated the girls on the 9/11 memorials by the park. Ariel seemed a little more interested in dancing, but Karlee and Ameriah pained attention.


Coffee Siren {Daily Mermaid}

via deviantART
If ever I needed another reason to try turquoise hair here is it. I'm intrigued by it. Not sure how it would look with my red peeking through. But I'm willing to try.

The artist of this image says she was inspired by the coffee siren we all know and love. Starbucks' own siren. The only thing different is the tail, the original siren has a double tail. This took me years to figure out. I kept getting confused to what she was holding in each hand. Till I realized she was a double tail siren. It's interesting cause not many use the double fin.

What inspired you today?

Mermaid Hunting

mermaid hunting

This knife wasn't really something I found at the NY Ren Faire, but I took the photo there. It's my new sharp shiny thing. It's gorgeous isn't it?

I found a few mermaids at the NY Ren Faire.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1208,1207,1206,1205,1209" orderby="rand"]

This is my new thing. Oh mermaid hunting I will go. I have a habit of finding mermaids where I go, so I decided to hunt them down. I will make it a goal to photograph mermaids I find. So be on the look out for more mermaid hunting.

Goddess {Daily Mermaid}

via deviantART
The first stories of Mermaids speaks of the goddess Atargatis. She had loved a mortal man, and she accidentally killed him. Her sorrow and shame over killing her love made her jump into a lake and attempted to turn herself into a fish.

The lake couldn't hid her beauty though. She was only transformed into a fish from the waist down. Thus becoming the modern day mermaid goddess.

Honest to a Fault

My Biggest Weakness

I'm honest. To a fault at times. I know it doesn't seem like a big problem. But that is my weakness.

Sometimes people would prefer to hear a lie, just a little white lie, but I usually don't indulge.

I usually find it better to tell the truth. Telling lies is messy business. It's also bad for the soul. With lies you have to remember what you said, who you told it to. You need to keep it all straight. You need to make sure you don't betray yourself while telling the lie.

I find it better to tell the truth. No need to worry, to remember a story. It's so much simpler to tell the truth.

What's your biggest weakness?

Edits {Daily Mermaid}

Found a great stock image on deviantART that inspired me to do an edit. This doesn't happen a lot. But seeing it I suddenly had thoughts of deeper blues, a darker image, smoother, invoking the sea.

The original:

via deviantART

Not really much definitions but it was an amazing image to begin with. I didn't want to change it too much. I just wanted a little darker.

My Archer and I


My Archer and I had fun at the archery field. The above were two of my arrows.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1195,1197,1196,1194,1191,1192" orderby="rand"]

My Archer out shot me. This is why he is my archer though, so it makes sense. It was a fun time.


I even got a cute shot of my new bag with my bow. Something I probably wouldn't have been able to get if the kids were around.

Creative Spam

Spam gets creative

Getting some creative spam, would have approve it too till I opened the comment luv link and saw what it was.

One Lovely Blog

Guess what? I got an award! How cool is that? Debra at She Who Seeks sent it to me. I'm very happy to receive it. In accepting the award I'm suppose to tell you seven things about myself, sooo let's get to it.

  1. I have two mischievous faeries, Ariel and AJ who I love with all my heart. 
  2. I have a big extended family that I love though they drive me nuts. 
  3. I live with depression and joke about having OCD (seriously though I will straight books on shelves at the bookstore.)
  4. I am thinking of starting a Starbucks addiction group. Side note Pumpkin Spice is back! 
  5. I'm really a mermaid in disguise. 
  6. I write dark fantasy erotica, I write about faeries doing naughty things. 
  7. If you are new here sorry for the randomness. You will learn to love it. 
Now the second part is to pass the award along to 7 other bloggers. Be sure to stop by and check them out.

  1. Pagan Culture
  2. Small Birds Studio
  3. Bumbles & Light
  4. Live and Love Out Loud
  5. Something Oddly
  6. Bethany the ngnrdrl
  7. Project Alicia

Kissing Bridge

kissing bridge

Last weekend I had a date day at the NY Ren Faire with my Archer. It was fabulous, and the first time I had ever gone to the Faire without a kid along. There is more photos to come but I'm still editing.

I'm a Shutterbug.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1182,1181,1180,1179,1178" orderby="rand"]

The shutterbug status is confirmed. I took 429 shots. 429. In about 5 hours. Here are some photos, that weren't actually taken on the Kissing Bridge, but I thought it was appropriate.