Who am I?

OK so I found this blogging project and I've decided to join in. I thought it would be fun. For the first week the prompt is: Who am I?

I am Amanda Jillian. I am a mom, a daughter, a sister, most recently a girlfriend. I'm a photographer, a budding graphic designer, a wannabe writer. A land bound mermaid, a faerie lover, Starbucks addict, and magically delicious. 

I am the Faerie Barista of Moon in a Cup

I have depression, so I'm sad, but sometimes happy. I have a mild case of OCD, meaning sometimes I have to have things a certain way. It also means I'm ridiculously detailed about stuff. But since I'm mostly right brained I wind up having an organized chaos. Which has been known to drive people crazy. But hey the kids like it, but then again they don't know any better since I'm their mom. 

Somehow through blogging I have been known to be a little outrageous. I'm really not. I'm quite boring in real life. But I do have this habit of randomly going on road trips, getting tattooed, once I was early picking up a friend from work and showed up with snake bite piercings. My latest crazy is purple hair. I have now settled on dip dye style, first off I dyed the whole head but red, coarse hair does not like to dye well, the purple washes out fast. So now I'm keeping the dip dye style. When what I have washes out I'm going to do pink and purple. It's my version of mermaid hair. 

So who am I? I am me.

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