Where does the time go #iPPP

Sunday my family became whole again, my little boy came back from his week visit to his dad's. Yeah I know it happens every other week but I still miss him while he is gone and rejoice when he comes back. 

I love how while Grandma Carol and John (aka my archer) are trying to figure out the wii for AJ to play that Ariel is posing on the big ottoman, which I totally want by the way.

We took an adventure day out to the Woodbury Commons. John and AJ were loving the game systems in the Sony store. And I found this outfit that I have decided Ariel needs from the Disney store, shoes included.

I did some painting when we got home, glitter canvases anyone? Had more paint than I thought and could have gotten the bigger canvases. But now I have 3 glitter canvases (and two chalkboard ones for the faeries). 

So I had an awesome date day at the Ren Faire with my Archer. Which also came with proof of my shutterbug status with a total of 429 shots on my DSLR. Still editing photos.

There was some crafting mischief at my house too. Seriously confetti glitter with stickies, not good to have around me and my kids. Also someone got a haircut for school! He starts Sept. 9th I can't believe my little boy is going to school.

Faerie Barista standby drink: Iced Venti Vanilla Soy Latte

My silly faeries pretending to ride the bikes at the galleria. They are so freaking cute! 

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