Uh oh no more carbs ...

I'm sure you're like umm what the heck are you talking about. Well I've been having some issues, which you probably haven't noticed on the interwebz cause I'm posting more. But if you see me in person you might see that I'm tired most of the time and having some tummy bothers.

Sleepy Faerie Barista

Anyway I have been to see my regular doctor, who referred me to a GI doctor. My regular doctor had me get blood work done, damn vampires took 8 freaking vials. Most of my work came back fine, but my insulin levels were high, so I was told to cut out carbs to try and help level it out. By the way did you know that high insulin levels make it harder for you to lose weight? Yeah. Bastards. Next up was a surprisingly quick to get visit in the GI doctor, I apparently have something going on with my intestines, lovely right? Anyway I was told again that it will help if I cut out the carbs, and that I get to have x-rays done, and .... an endoscopy. Not a terribly big deal but I have to go to the hospital, be put under and get a camera shoved down my throat to my stomach, sounds fun. Not. But it should help figure out what's going on. Though no I have a reason to keep certain foods in the house, cause I have to eat them hehehe. Oh and the GI doc asked that I refrain from dairy, cause you know I'm lactose intolerant and it's going to mess with things. So yay soy milk in the house again.

In other news.....

Me and the Archer are going to the NY Ren Faire this Saturday..... wait for it.....

without kids! 

Yeah I expect it to be photo overload since we are planning on seeing everything we can. While being all couple like and lovey dovey. It will be fun and I'm super excited.

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