The Sea Witch {Daily Mermaid}

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Ursula always gets a bad rap, since Disney needs to have a pretty princess, a handsome prince and a wicked villain. But you see in the original tale she wasn't wicked, ugly, and mean spirited, or wanting to take over the seas. She merely wanted to help others.

She warned Ariel that there was a price for legs, that they would hurt, that it might not be all she wanted. She warned her, which a sad look in her eyes, like someone who knows better but knows each has to make their own mistakes.

She did not steal her voice to be used against her later, she cut out her tongue for the potion to give her legs.

For magic always has a price.

But Disney has other plans, they couldn't have a witch that just wanted to help. They couldn't just have her be a regular outcast. She needed to be wicked. She needed to have done something horrible. She needed to try and steal the throne.

She couldn't feel sorry for needing to take something as a price for the magic. She needed to have it to use against her. To use for her own means. Always an ulterior motive.

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