The Enchanted Woods

Now entering the enchanted woods of the Ren Faire. At the start of the woods, we have the lovely Fairy Haven. Which yours truly had interviewed to work at. And my goddess those wings are lovely, but this wheel caught my eye. It was stunning.

As you can see I wasn't the only one enchanted by the wings. Once we entered the woods, we were met by a pretty little faerie.

Ariel found swords, beautiful wooden swords, colorfully painted. Ariel fell in love with a pretty purple one. I would have loved to get it for her, but my own little faerie has a lovely habit of stabbing people. I always warn her brother when he hands her a play weapon then complains that she hurt him, I always say "well what do you expect when you arm her?"

Some rules were meant to be broken.


  1. Ah, where are the pictures if the broken rules?

  2. AJ wasn't with us so there was no one to climb the rocks =)


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