Someone needs a new stylist #MileyCyrus

Is it bad that after hearing about this whole Miley crazy stunt at the VMAS and checking out the video that my only take on this is Miley's stylist should be fired? Serious that bikini "outfit" didn't fit right at all.

This kind of outfit is suppose to show off a butt, make her look sexy, and it falls ummm.... flat (pun intended). And yeah the shoes are stupid, so is the outfit, I admit that. But after looking up the music videos on YouTube I get it. I do. By the way Robin Thicke has 2 videos for Blurred Lines both them made me feel like a little dirty, the unrated more than other. Oh yeah the foam finger everyone is talking about, that is from Robin's video not her's.

Also Miley really needs to learn when to stick her tongue out and when not to. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it was just weird, like the one above.

The above ones work, yeah we might not like it, I do, but they work. And the twerking, yeah, well she's a 20 year old girl, find me one that doesn't? I got grief for liking Hannah Montana and then I get grief for liking her as not a Disney star, when can I just like her?

Watch it and decide for yourself  =p

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