Life now #iPPP

My nose is angry, cause I forgot to wear sunblock when I went to the Ren Faire for the second trip.

My beautiful kids, they are such little faeries. See that branch in the background, yeah Ariel brought that inside to me saying it was a LEAF LEAF! I was like that's a branch.

Me and AJ are such hams. I faked him out the first time by making a funny face then smiling. Do you realize this boy is starting school next month! When did that happen?

AJ found one of my cousin's headbands and put it on, then put it on me. Don't we look stylish?

My mom told me about a new park to go to. Had some pretty cool stuff. Though the little boy I baby sit was not to excited about it, and that was before he face planted on the slide.

Life has been happening. And it's catching up on me quick. I mean really my little boy is starting his first year of school in just a few weeks. When did that happen? Where did my little baby boy go? Ariel is growing in leaps and bounds, she even started going on the potty sometimes. Soon she'll be growing up and going to school too. Anyone know how to make these kids stop growing?

 Enjoy your week and drink lots of coffee for me!


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