In 5 years from now

My Life 5 Years From Now

Where do I see myself? I definitely see myself in my own home, with a photo studio with lots of big windows. Big rooms for the kids with an adjoining playroom in between. I'm thinking mermaids for Ariel and pirates for AJ. The whole house will have a beachy kind of vibe. Cause we all know I have a thing for the sea, my mermaid self.

I see many happy times with my Archer ahead. I see us working, living, loving. Putting our heart and souls into a life together. I see a beautiful wedding, possibly on a beach. We will probably make our own little squishy baby, since I have serious baby fever already.

I see myself running around and photography as always. I see myself having my book I'm working on published. I see big things for the future, I always have. I will have them.

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