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So what did I do last weekend? Why me and the faeries (plus my archer) went to the New York Renaissance Faire! Opening day even. I was so happy to go, we even had some money to play the games, and get a few other things. Not to mention the kids love the Faire, maybe cause their godmother works there. In a shop with all the pretty, shiny, sharp things.

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We even stopped to play some archery since we've had Brave the kids have been in love with bows and arrows. Even if AJ did break all of Ariel's arrows then snap his bow. My archer totally out did me on archery. Earning my nickname for him.

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I think this was the only ride they went on, but Ariel fought tooth and nail when it came time to get off. She would have stayed on all day. She was amazed with it. She was so excited to go on it, as soon as we passed it on our way to the 'flushing privies' she kept making a circling movement with hands and pointing towards it.

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I even sprung to get their faces painted. AJ looked so serious you would have thought he was getting a tattoo. Ariel saw AJ and decided she wanted to get it done. She even stayed mostly still while getting it done. We got AJ a dragon and Ariel a pretty butterfly, with a jewel to boot.

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Finally after getting my own little faeries away from the games I got to one of my favorite things, walk around the shops and people watch.

And take photos of the Ren Faire of course.

I got my faerie girl new wings, her old ones were destroyed. Immediately after getting them on she ran around flapping her arms saying I flying. We had to run a bit to catch her. Note they are upside down, yes I knew and no she would not let me fix them. There were her wings. Made a quick stop at my favorite shop the Siren's Song. At the silk shop I found gorgeous mermaids, upon editing I noticed I got three in my shot not just the two I thought I had. We even got to see the parade. I was surprised to find out the only shot I got of my favorite Rennie was her backside in the parade. Must fix that.

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My faeries were determined to pull the sword from the stone.

Caution reality ahead.

reality ahead


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