Dancer {Daily Mermaid}

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No tongue to speak with, but you will keep your unearthly grace. You will be feared for they will know there is something other than human. You will be a most beautiful dancer, filled with your inhuman grace, and otherworldly beauty. But for each step you take you will feel as if you are stepping on knife blades.

The real little mermaid


For love she is told to have traded her tail for legs. Not for love of a human, nay. For love of a human soul. Mermaids live and when they die fade into sea foam. But humans, they have a soul. How she yearned for a soul. An eternal soul. For when humans died after their much shorter life, they became immortal. They lived on in a heavenly place.

To dance with such grace 


But in order for a mermaid to get a soul, she not only had to grow legs, make a trade. She had to marry a human, here in lies the "love story" for to earn a spot in the heavenly place with an eternal soul she had to marry a human. To become one soul united.

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