Around the Faire

around the faire

Yet more of the last time I went to the NY Ren Faire, and guess what it's just in time for me to go again tomorrow! This time it will be sans kids. So expect more again soon. I'm hoping to get more of the shows, maybe ask my favorite rennie to ham it up a little for me.

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I've been a little disappointed the last few times, I've only gotten one photo of her and neither showed her face. I'm also hoping to get her for a couple of shoots I have in mind once Faire season is over. She's a Suicide Girls Hopeful, we have a few ideas for more sets and I have a few arty shoots I want to do with her as a model.

around the faire

These chocolate covered strawberries are expensive but sooooo yummy. As you can see Ariel agrees with me. We had a company after we walked around the for a bit.

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How pretty are these two by the way, a mother and daughter. Ky really fit into the how Ren Faire background, and Jae definitely got tons of compliments on her Tardis shirt. As she said, it was the perfect day to wear it.

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I'm excited to see what tomorrow's photos will bring.


  1. What lovely pictures! The faire is such a pretty backdrop. All the colors! And Ky really did fit in. 

    I would love it if you share this or any of your other photography posts at my link party, Photog Show and Tell.

  2. Thanks! I'll definitely check out your link party =)


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