Apple Picking at Hurds Farm

apple picking at hurds farm

So instead of the Ren Faire last weekend we went apple picking, yes already, with Mema and my brother over at Hurd's Family Farm.

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There was only one kind of apple ready for picking but it worked out they were yummy! Ginger Gold. Tart apples.

apple picking at hurds farm

Mema had to get the faeries each their own bag to fill up. This silly little girl insisted on having her own. Even carried it full of apples too.

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Of course my little apple hogs had eaten all of them before I could have more than one apple! They were gone by the end of the weekend. And we took the bigger bag of apples.

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And there is more to do at Hurds Farm than just pick your own. there's some sweet goats, a playground. Even chickens and bunnies. Not to mention some gorgeous flowers.

apple picking at hurds farm

They were also selling some yummy already picked things. Yellow cherry tomatoes are delicious by the way!

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