Sea Maiden {Daily Mermaid}

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Under the sea, where the maidens swim with fishes. Purple haired and eyed. Life in the sea.

Kissing Bridge

Ren Faire on a date day look for more photos at Moon in a Cup  =)

Where does the time go #iPPP

Sunday my family became whole again, my little boy came back from his week visit to his dad's. Yeah I know it happens every other week but I still miss him while he is gone and rejoice when he comes back. 

I love how while Grandma Carol and John (aka my archer) are trying to figure out the wii for AJ to play that Ariel is posing on the big ottoman, which I totally want by the way.

We took an adventure day out to the Woodbury Commons. John and AJ were loving the game systems in the Sony store. And I found this outfit that I have decided Ariel needs from the Disney store, shoes included.

I did some painting when we got home, glitter canvases anyone? Had more paint than I thought and could have gotten the bigger canvases. But now I have 3 glitter canvases (and two chalkboard ones for the faeries). 

So I had an awesome date day at the Ren Faire with my Archer. Which also came with proof of my shutterbug status with a total of 429 shots on my DSLR. Still editing photos.

There was some crafting mischief at my house too. Seriously confetti glitter with stickies, not good to have around me and my kids. Also someone got a haircut for school! He starts Sept. 9th I can't believe my little boy is going to school.

Faerie Barista standby drink: Iced Venti Vanilla Soy Latte

My silly faeries pretending to ride the bikes at the galleria. They are so freaking cute! 

The Sea Witch {Daily Mermaid}

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Ursula always gets a bad rap, since Disney needs to have a pretty princess, a handsome prince and a wicked villain. But you see in the original tale she wasn't wicked, ugly, and mean spirited, or wanting to take over the seas. She merely wanted to help others.

She warned Ariel that there was a price for legs, that they would hurt, that it might not be all she wanted. She warned her, which a sad look in her eyes, like someone who knows better but knows each has to make their own mistakes.

She did not steal her voice to be used against her later, she cut out her tongue for the potion to give her legs.

For magic always has a price.

But Disney has other plans, they couldn't have a witch that just wanted to help. They couldn't just have her be a regular outcast. She needed to be wicked. She needed to have done something horrible. She needed to try and steal the throne.

She couldn't feel sorry for needing to take something as a price for the magic. She needed to have it to use against her. To use for her own means. Always an ulterior motive.

Invisible Children {Sevenly}

About The Cause

Kid's Aren't Made To Be Soldiers


Africa is home to a militant movement called the Lord’s Resistance Army led by Joseph Kony. Kony’s desire for power has made him abduct children to be trained as soldiers or used as sex slaves. The children lucky enough to escape from Kony and the LRA need help finding their families and adjusting to normal life. After being indoctrinated and manipulated with Kony’s lies, children have been forced to brutally murder anyone who stands in the way of Kony’s ruthless pursuit of power.
The Solution
This week, we have partnered with Invisible Children to help rehabilitate children who have suffered high levels of trauma at the hands of Joseph Kony and the LRA. Through our partnership, these children will receive counseling and support as they return to their families and reintegrate with their communities.

This Week's Charity

Invisible Children

Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army have been abducting, killing, and displacing civilians in East and central Africa since 1987. We first encountered these atrocities in northern Uganda in 2003 when we met a boy named Jacob who feared for his life and a woman named Jolly who had a vision for a better future. Together, we promised Jacob that we would do whatever we could to stop Joseph Kony and the LRA. Invisible Children was founded in 2004 to fulfill that promise.

Someone needs a new stylist #MileyCyrus

Is it bad that after hearing about this whole Miley crazy stunt at the VMAS and checking out the video that my only take on this is Miley's stylist should be fired? Serious that bikini "outfit" didn't fit right at all.

This kind of outfit is suppose to show off a butt, make her look sexy, and it falls ummm.... flat (pun intended). And yeah the shoes are stupid, so is the outfit, I admit that. But after looking up the music videos on YouTube I get it. I do. By the way Robin Thicke has 2 videos for Blurred Lines both them made me feel like a little dirty, the unrated more than other. Oh yeah the foam finger everyone is talking about, that is from Robin's video not her's.

Also Miley really needs to learn when to stick her tongue out and when not to. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it was just weird, like the one above.

The above ones work, yeah we might not like it, I do, but they work. And the twerking, yeah, well she's a 20 year old girl, find me one that doesn't? I got grief for liking Hannah Montana and then I get grief for liking her as not a Disney star, when can I just like her?

Watch it and decide for yourself  =p

In 5 years from now

My Life 5 Years From Now

Where do I see myself? I definitely see myself in my own home, with a photo studio with lots of big windows. Big rooms for the kids with an adjoining playroom in between. I'm thinking mermaids for Ariel and pirates for AJ. The whole house will have a beachy kind of vibe. Cause we all know I have a thing for the sea, my mermaid self.

I see many happy times with my Archer ahead. I see us working, living, loving. Putting our heart and souls into a life together. I see a beautiful wedding, possibly on a beach. We will probably make our own little squishy baby, since I have serious baby fever already.

I see myself running around and photography as always. I see myself having my book I'm working on published. I see big things for the future, I always have. I will have them.

Apple Picking {Moon in a Cup}

New posts over at Moon in a Cup

Apple Picking at Hurds Farm

apple picking at hurds farm

So instead of the Ren Faire last weekend we went apple picking, yes already, with Mema and my brother over at Hurd's Family Farm.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1170,1168,1167,1166,1165,1164" orderby="rand"]

There was only one kind of apple ready for picking but it worked out they were yummy! Ginger Gold. Tart apples.

apple picking at hurds farm

Mema had to get the faeries each their own bag to fill up. This silly little girl insisted on having her own. Even carried it full of apples too.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1162,1161,1160,1159,1158,1157,1154,1155,1156" orderby="rand"]

Of course my little apple hogs had eaten all of them before I could have more than one apple! They were gone by the end of the weekend. And we took the bigger bag of apples.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1147,1169,1153,1149,1150,1151,1148,1146,1145" orderby="rand"]

And there is more to do at Hurds Farm than just pick your own. there's some sweet goats, a playground. Even chickens and bunnies. Not to mention some gorgeous flowers.

apple picking at hurds farm

They were also selling some yummy already picked things. Yellow cherry tomatoes are delicious by the way!

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Boho {Daily Mermaid}

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Boho Mermaid.

Bohemian:  Someone who tries to live by the ideals of truth, freedom, love, and all those beautiful-sounding concepts.
Mermaid: A half-fish, half-human female who is very sexy and has a beautiful voice.
These are my favorite definitions from Urban Dictionary. I think everyone always has different thoughts on what things mean. I by nature am a bohemian I live by truth and love. As someone at home by the sea I'm a mermaid. One of my late night Etsy window shopping lead me to the search of boho mermaid and OMG! I feel in love with the prettiness, completely gorgeous images.

Nixie if you please {Daily Mermaid}

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Life as a mermaid
A nixie if you will
Half of land
Half of the sea.

Belonging to neither
Life apart

Random free verse induced by the above image.

Around the Faire

around the faire

Yet more of the last time I went to the NY Ren Faire, and guess what it's just in time for me to go again tomorrow! This time it will be sans kids. So expect more again soon. I'm hoping to get more of the shows, maybe ask my favorite rennie to ham it up a little for me.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1128,1127,1126,1125,1124" orderby="rand"]

I've been a little disappointed the last few times, I've only gotten one photo of her and neither showed her face. I'm also hoping to get her for a couple of shoots I have in mind once Faire season is over. She's a Suicide Girls Hopeful, we have a few ideas for more sets and I have a few arty shoots I want to do with her as a model.

around the faire

These chocolate covered strawberries are expensive but sooooo yummy. As you can see Ariel agrees with me. We had a company after we walked around the for a bit.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1122,1118,1119,1120,1121,1117,1116,1115,1114" orderby="rand"]

How pretty are these two by the way, a mother and daughter. Ky really fit into the how Ren Faire background, and Jae definitely got tons of compliments on her Tardis shirt. As she said, it was the perfect day to wear it.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1113,1112,1111"]

I'm excited to see what tomorrow's photos will bring.

Uh oh no more carbs ...

I'm sure you're like umm what the heck are you talking about. Well I've been having some issues, which you probably haven't noticed on the interwebz cause I'm posting more. But if you see me in person you might see that I'm tired most of the time and having some tummy bothers.

Sleepy Faerie Barista

Anyway I have been to see my regular doctor, who referred me to a GI doctor. My regular doctor had me get blood work done, damn vampires took 8 freaking vials. Most of my work came back fine, but my insulin levels were high, so I was told to cut out carbs to try and help level it out. By the way did you know that high insulin levels make it harder for you to lose weight? Yeah. Bastards. Next up was a surprisingly quick to get visit in the GI doctor, I apparently have something going on with my intestines, lovely right? Anyway I was told again that it will help if I cut out the carbs, and that I get to have x-rays done, and .... an endoscopy. Not a terribly big deal but I have to go to the hospital, be put under and get a camera shoved down my throat to my stomach, sounds fun. Not. But it should help figure out what's going on. Though no I have a reason to keep certain foods in the house, cause I have to eat them hehehe. Oh and the GI doc asked that I refrain from dairy, cause you know I'm lactose intolerant and it's going to mess with things. So yay soy milk in the house again.

In other news.....

Me and the Archer are going to the NY Ren Faire this Saturday..... wait for it.....

without kids! 

Yeah I expect it to be photo overload since we are planning on seeing everything we can. While being all couple like and lovey dovey. It will be fun and I'm super excited.

Coffe Art {Daily Mermaid}

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Coffee not just for drinking, wait did I just say that? Yes I did sometimes it's ok to use coffee as a medium. Sometimes it's more important to drink it though. But I think to make a little mermaid in a coffee cup is an excellent use.

Belly Dancing Trio

belly dancing

Time for more belly dancing photos!

Lovely Gimme Shimmy!

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1106,1105,1104,1103,1082,1077" orderby="rand"]

These girls are lovely, and so talented! I was happy to finally after 5 years to catch a show of them. Though I did miss the first part of it. The way they move is just so magical.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1083,1084,1085,1086,1087,1088,1089,1090,1091,1092,1093,1094,1095,1099,1098,1097,1096,1100,1101,1102,1103" orderby="rand"]

The way their scarfs move as they dance is magical, it flows so perfectly. I'm sad to say that I don't think my photos caught the magic just right. It's amazing to see in person. You should definitely make a stop to see their show when you go to the NY Ren Faire.

belly dancing

I find it captivating how they maintain a grace and fluid presence even when standing still.

Water Spray {WW}

water spray

water fun

water fun

Did you know at the Ren Faire there is a water sprinkler type thing? I forgot about it but found it again. Ariel loved it, and yes I soaked myself too.

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What's in my camera arsenal?


So I saw this on another blog and thought it would be fun. I am definitely not one of those must have all the fancy gadgets, though there are some things that I get all like I must have it. Like my 50mm lens, I had to have it and I love it! I'm more of a it's the person behind the camera that gets the photo. The only thing I didn't include is my tripod cause I don't use it much.

in my camera bag

  • Yes that is a film fully manual 35mm camera you spy, with some of my rolls of film. I learned on this is Photo 1 class. It is by far the best way to learn. Honestly I can use this camera as a second nature.

  • Flash for my film camera.

  • My polaroid! I love this thing. I need more film for it. But I use it with my journaling.

  • My iPhone 4S though I will admit I don't take as many pictures with it right now as I used to.

  • Lens pen - this thing was awesome after my Glitterific shoot.

  • My baby, my Canon Rebel T3 with 50mm lens attached.

  • My 50-180mm lens

  • PhotoShop Elements

  • Business card a la

What's in your camera bag?