The Never Sleep Kids #iPPP

My kids have this habit of becoming the Never Sleep Kids. But with smiles like these who cares. Well sometimes I care but only cause they wake up early and I am not a morning person.

The night when AJ came back home from his dad's was one of those nights. Ariel wanted to watch TV with me, while refusing to let me get my MacBook out for work. AJ played his games on his nook. Let me tell you while he has one WILD imagination he also has a very logical mind, he can figure out pretty much anything.

I tried to give them my "go to sleep face" but AJ gave me the above face. Which led me to giving up and playing around online. Oh and I dyed my hair. It got way too blonde for me, so I went back to red. I then dip dye styled the ends purple. I'm so happy to have purple hair again.


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