Coffee Thoughts {Daily Mermaid}

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I think I figured something out.

Why hipsters like mermaids?

Cause of Starbucks. Seriously. Think about it. Hipsters like Starbucks. Starbucks logo is a mermaid. Hipsters like mermaids. Or maybe I just need more coffee.

Woke up earlier than usual today in order to watch my little charge Caleb. I don't think one cup of coffee is cutting it. Definitely need some Starbucks, but yeah. Maybe I'll drag my butt out later.


  1. For me one cup coffee is too much to feel fresh. I love coffee and kopi luwak is my favorite coffee.

    Kopi Luwak

  2. I like coffee,but my favourite is Chinese Pu-erh Tea,you can have a try.

    1. HI feipeng,
      I love to drink green coffee but your product seems to be very effective but before using it i would like to know Do this product has any side effects?

      Finn Felton

      Kopi Luwak


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