Around New Paltz

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Starbucks girl

The other day me and Ariel had a mommy & daughter stroll around New Paltz. We stopped in at Starbucks for drinks and Ariel decided she needed yet more fruit, she had eaten tons at dinner. But hey we're accidentally health nuts me and my kids. It was nice to just walk around and spend some quiet time together, I mean not that we don't, come on we get a week for just us girls. But I don't always take advantage of it and have us go on a little mini adventure.



I had to get a photo of this, by no means was it the only stickered sign, but I went to school with the mastermind behind Outsider Magazine. I did love though that the stickers I saw where always put into an artistic type way, not just plastered up.

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What I want to do is to have a day out with my boy there. We could hit the movies, and walk around town. I wouldn't need to have the backpack thing on him. We can go down more than just Main St (three times!) and he can bring his camera too. Or maybe just a mommy day out. I need one of those too.

Walking through town

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