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Stop Gendercide in China


Since China began enforcing the One-Child Policy over 37 million girls have disappeared making this the world’s largest gendercide to date. Because of a cultural preference for sons, families try to ensure their one child is a boy. To get rid of girls, parents will abort, kill them directly after birth, or abandon them. In China alone, one in every six girls disappears due to gendercide.

The Solution


This week we are teaming up with All Girls Allowed to provide food, clothing, and medical aid to a baby girl who was at risk of being abandoned or killed, due to the One-Child Policy. Your support will not only help a mother keep and care for her daughter, but also serves to restore the value of girls in the eyes of the community.

All Girls Allowed

All Girls Allowed is dedicated to restoring life, value, and dignity to girls and mothers revealing the injustice to China’s One-Child Policy.

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