Randomness at the Faerie Household #iPPP

Before she did that I was like that. Yeah it happens.

 Then I lightened the hair. Red hair does not take well to lightening or dying by the way.

Rain storms, they are a good thing. I promise. Puddle running. Good sleeping. Wonderful smiles.

Silly girls, me and Ariel, we make quite a pair. Tried out my new curlers overnight. Definitely overshot the curls. But doesn't that ringlet look awesome! Candy mermaid hair =]

Did I mention we are silly? Cause we so are. Things progressed quickly when trying to get a few nice pics of me and Ariel together. Cute to what the heck are you doing to mommy?

Dancing to helmets. She wasn't riding anything either. Just decided to wear the helmet. My kids are weird, cause you know AJ does the same thing. Anyone notice her Dora and Boots?? I'm looking at you Mema! lol 

Fishing cause it's been my new thing to make me laugh my ass off when I'm in a mood. Thank you deviantART you rock for turning out gems like Fishing. Plus guess who actually made it to the liquor store for wine? This girl yup yup!


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