Fish Friends {Daily Mermaid}

via TheRealLittleMermaid

Why? Cause I love Traci Hines and she's just super cute playing the whole hipster mermaid thing. It kind of cracks me up that this is a thing now. But I guess I'm kind of one so I'll play along.

Why am I a hipster mermaid? Cause I wear glasses, oh wait I'm blind without them and prefer my contacts. I love mermaids, wait that's been my thing since I was a kid putting diving hoops around my ankles to swim like a mermaid. Oh I know cause I say I liked things before they were cool. Maybe I'm a trendsetter not a hipster? Maybe I don't really care cause labels are labels and I just like to be me.

It's funny cause all through school when I was into these things and liked the quirky stuff I was a dork or geek or nerd. Now it's the "cool" thing and I get told I'm just playing along to ride the cool wave.

Oh well. I like what I like, it wasn't cool when I was young, it's cool now, and it will probably be uncool again but guess what? I will still like it cause that's just who I am.

Hipster Mermaid

Cause why not.

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