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Anyone that knows me probably knows my favorite Disney Princess is Ariel, The Little Mermaid. I mean my daughter is named Ariel. She was the first redhead Disney princess. I love water and would pretend to be a mermaid anytime I was swimming. But it's more than that I loved the original story by Hans Christian Anderson. Which isn't so happily ever after as the Disney one.

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I love Ariel's spirit. I love that she did everything she could to follow her dreams. Take the whole prince aspect out, cause truly in my mind that was only a small part of the story. She loved the human world. She loved it dearly. She collected trinkets of the human world, she was in love with their way of life.

The part that most got me that Disney completely omits is that mermaids do not have souls, when they die they just die. Ariel's biggest desire was to have a human soul, to have that eternal life. The only way for a mermaid to get one was to become human and marry one. This I feel is why the love aspect of the story is more a side effect of her bigger desire.

In the original tale it says that going to the human world is forbidden except on their birthday, the night that Ariel goes to the human world there is a terrible storm, a human ship in trouble, she manages to rescue one human, to keep him from dying. And then she's fell in love which lead to the whole process.

I truly feel that if she hadn't rescued that human she would have never went to the sea witch for legs, it would have a burning desire but she would have had no way to fulfill it. Since to get a soul she needed a human to marry her, if she hadn't chanced upon a human in danger I doubt she would have went to get legs from the sea witch.

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