You will be missed


Grandma I love you so much, I've missed you when you weren't home and I miss you even more now that you are gone. I'm glad you are out of pain and are at peace.

I will always love you Grandma

Words will never be able to describe the pain and loss I have in my heart. And in the hearts of her family, she was a wife, sister, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She treated her grandkids friends are her own grandkids. I have many a friend that grew up calling her grandma too. She was a wonderful, sweet, caring, loving person and many people will miss her.

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Looking {Daily Mermaid}

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Lovely Day


MacBook needs a good cleaning.

Ok I get it

I believe the universe is trying to tell me I need a new not a new to me MacBook in order to do work. Why do I say that? Cause my MacBook is in working order except that it has decided I can't type certain letters or use the mousepad. This is greatly frustrating. Since I need to use my MacBook in order to get anything done. 

This is the face of a not happy camper. 

Will o' the Wisps

 My own little will o' the wisps (moon in a cup is my own photography name)

Sweet Nectar Society {Sevenly}

This Week's Charity

Sweet Nectar Society

Sweet Nectar Society is a new organization that brings together a network of talented photographers throughout Central California for one important mission—to capture the hope, courage, and strength of children undergoing treatment for serious illnesses, disabilities and injuries, and provide their families with lasting memories.

Seven dollars from every purchase goes to the charity of the week. You get an amazing product and help out a charity.

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Me {Daily Mermaid}

While trying to shoot with Ariel for a will o' the wisps shoot I tried a few self-portraits of mainly my mermaid hair. I'm actually very pleased with how they turned out.

Self-Portraits of Mermaid Hair

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="726,727,728"]

So have a mentioned I have mermaid hair? What's mermaid hair you ask?

Purple and beachy hair

And trust me it's a pain in the butt to dye red hair. Thankfully the purple and pink look good with my natural red. These were a few attempts at hand held self-portraits while I was attempting to shoot my little will o' the wisp.

Dream Job {Daily Mermaid}

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This would be an awesome job. Seriously. Wear a tail, stay in the water, swim around. Be a mermaid.

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Art in Newburgh

newburgh art

Newburgh gets a bad rap sometimes, not without reason all the time. But then some times you can find great beauty. If you wander the streets of Newburgh you can see some wonderful art on the walls, you can find out the Lucy and Desi preformed at the Ritz Theater on Broadway. And some amazing architecture.

Ariel {Daily Mermaid}

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Anyone that knows me probably knows my favorite Disney Princess is Ariel, The Little Mermaid. I mean my daughter is named Ariel. She was the first redhead Disney princess. I love water and would pretend to be a mermaid anytime I was swimming. But it's more than that I loved the original story by Hans Christian Anderson. Which isn't so happily ever after as the Disney one.

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I love Ariel's spirit. I love that she did everything she could to follow her dreams. Take the whole prince aspect out, cause truly in my mind that was only a small part of the story. She loved the human world. She loved it dearly. She collected trinkets of the human world, she was in love with their way of life.

The part that most got me that Disney completely omits is that mermaids do not have souls, when they die they just die. Ariel's biggest desire was to have a human soul, to have that eternal life. The only way for a mermaid to get one was to become human and marry one. This I feel is why the love aspect of the story is more a side effect of her bigger desire.

In the original tale it says that going to the human world is forbidden except on their birthday, the night that Ariel goes to the human world there is a terrible storm, a human ship in trouble, she manages to rescue one human, to keep him from dying. And then she's fell in love which lead to the whole process.

I truly feel that if she hadn't rescued that human she would have never went to the sea witch for legs, it would have a burning desire but she would have had no way to fulfill it. Since to get a soul she needed a human to marry her, if she hadn't chanced upon a human in danger I doubt she would have went to get legs from the sea witch.

Randomness at the Faerie Household #iPPP

Before she did that I was like that. Yeah it happens.

 Then I lightened the hair. Red hair does not take well to lightening or dying by the way.

Rain storms, they are a good thing. I promise. Puddle running. Good sleeping. Wonderful smiles.

Silly girls, me and Ariel, we make quite a pair. Tried out my new curlers overnight. Definitely overshot the curls. But doesn't that ringlet look awesome! Candy mermaid hair =]

Did I mention we are silly? Cause we so are. Things progressed quickly when trying to get a few nice pics of me and Ariel together. Cute to what the heck are you doing to mommy?

Dancing to helmets. She wasn't riding anything either. Just decided to wear the helmet. My kids are weird, cause you know AJ does the same thing. Anyone notice her Dora and Boots?? I'm looking at you Mema! lol 

Fishing cause it's been my new thing to make me laugh my ass off when I'm in a mood. Thank you deviantART you rock for turning out gems like Fishing. Plus guess who actually made it to the liquor store for wine? This girl yup yup!