Are you ready for The Blog Workshop?

Have you ever wanted to go to a blogging conference but just couldn't take a trip, or it was too much money? Cause that's what I said every time one came up that I wanted to go to.

Enter The Blog Workshop

It's online which is just awesome cause you don't have to leave the kids with sitters or find someone to watch them, you just have to lock yourself in a closet and open a website. And it's affordable. It's much less expensive that some blogging conferences and bonus points they have a payment plan option!

Plus 10% of all ticket sales are being donated to Wellspring Living and the Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children which is just amazing.

Ticket sales end May 10th and space is LIMITED! Go get those tickets now! 

They have an amazing agenda lined up.

Twitter party, Google Hangout & more. Blogging basics, going from a blogger to a bloggerpreneur, how to prepare ads & a pitch, building relationships, how to monetize, and a giveaway!
Amazing speakers from IZEA, Blog-Trends, Attorney Jeneba Ghatt, Blogads, Sverve CEO Rohit Vashisht, Tap Influence CEO Holly Hamann and more.
I am so excited to attend this conference. I hope you will join me!

Disclaimer: I was given a free seat at this conference in exchange for promoting. All views are my own.

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