Here's the thing ...

So if we are friends in real life or on the interwebz you have probably noticed I'm pretty much all about gay rights. Especially with the whole gay marriage thing going around.

You know why? Cause I'm gay, well part gay.


 I'm pansexual, most people would consider it bisexual, but basically I love who I love, I like who I like, I'm attract to who I'm attracted to. Gender doesn't really matter to me, so while I like girls, I don't like them because they are girls, I'm just attracted to them. Same with guys, I like the ones I like.

That's why when I read stories about gay husbands being banned from their sick husband's room by family that has no right to make medical decisions AND they had gone through the proper government channels to be recognized as each other's primary decision makers that it hits me so personally. That's why I fight for people to realized that being gay isn't a choice.

Take a minute to just think of how stupid that line of thought is. Why would someone choose to be different in such a way that gets them constantly teased, picked on, bullied, disowned, and sometimes KILLED for being that way. It's just how we are. I didn't watch up one day and think hey I'm going to start liking girls. Just one day I realized that I've been checking girls out with my guy friends in the same way I check guys out with my girl friends. I find someone attractive and that's it.

But what gets me thinking is what if when I finally get married, if I ever do (not a pity thing just tired of relationships) what if I wind up wanting to marry a girl? What if the love of my life, my true love is a woman? I don't want to be refused certain rights as a couple just cause we are the same gender. We deserve the same rights as straight married couples.

Marriage is about Love, and Love is Blind.

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