Healthy Kicks!

Have I mentioned that I've been on a bit of a health kick lately? I've been doing the (suppose to be) 30 day squat challenge (more like 60 day for me lol). I've been drinking tons of water, seriously I drink a ton, I will probably float away. I've made modified push ups part of my daily routine, plus I do yoga and belly dancing. I walk as much as I can and try to limit the junk I eat. Which is pretty easy since I LOVE fruit and veggies, I just don't keep junk in the house anymore.

So when I was asked if I would like to try EpiCor I said YES!

I'm actually very excited to be using this, one I love that I was reached out to for a product review, two I haven't taken a vitamin since I was pregnant, three I could definitely use an immune boost!

If you know me you know my immune system sucks ass. I mean I'm not on my death bed or anything but come near me with a sore throat or a stomach bug and I'll get it. I have to take 3 medications daily to keep from getting sinus infections, and I have an air purifier in my room (finally).

Back story, I have a mold allergy, we apparently have it in the house, this gives me the sinus infections. Since I've gotten the air purifier and then started taking EpiCor the next day I've been sleeping and feeling much better. Not sure which is helping the most but I'm very thankful for both.

As a matter of fact I feel like I could take on the world.

Which may be why I decided to do the squat challenge.

It's also way I've decided to go on a Spring Cleaning binge. Not just myself with the health kids. I've been getting rid of anything that bugs me. I've extended my Spring Cleaning to me and my surrounding. And it has been amazing. I recommend you go check out where to buy some for yourself, or keep a look out cause I think I'm going to be giving some away!

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Check out this video which can explain all the EpiCor goodness.

I did receive EpiCor to try, no money was exchanged, these are all my own opinions.

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