Faerie Cuddles and Mermaid Hair #iPPP

This week I caught a very nasty stomach bug, luckily I felt wrong before I ingested anything solid and I think that helped a lot. This was Ariel's attempt at trying to cheer me up. 

I felt much better the next day so me and Ariel made this, I can't find the link I got the idea off of and can't remember the name. I want to say faerie catcher but that's not right. So I call it the faerie hanger thingy. Of course when I hung it up there was no wind and I happened to catch Ariel trying to blow it.

 Ariel, my little punk rock baby. We found a Hello Kitty fedora on clearance at Target. How freaking cute does she look in it?

Then again she's freaking cute without the hat too  ^.^

My business cards came in! Yay!

Got the pink dye and threw it in my hair to see how it would look, now I don't want to mix them before putting them in my hair when the color comes out. How awesome does my mermaid hair look?

Cuddles  <3


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